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Great Product Shots for Rocco Sauvage

I sent my new samples for Rocco Sauvage to New York City to be photographed this month.  I have had a great luck with Jan Klier Photography which is now based of NYC.  I first met Jan in Seattle in 2010 at a Seattle FGI (Fashion Group International) meeting.   I hired him the following year to photograph my next collections of Rocco e Dante handbags and the photos were great. In 2012 Jan Klier moved to NYC and we kept in touch via social media.  When it was time to find a photographer for my Rocco Sauvage he was my obvious choice.    I have always said if you find a great vendor its best to take them with you wherever you go.   I am not going to switch vendors if I find someone I can trust and will work with me and has reasonable rates. I have worked with two other  good photographers but for various reason I was not thrilled with working with them.  One of them was a drama queen and would freak out if I asked for changes and the other one was a great guy but did not have the visio