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Fashion Fast Lane

FAST Lane. For the past two years I have been living in a quiet, affluent beach side community called La Jolla near San Diego. Most of my design clients hail from New York City, Los Angeles or  overseas.  All my work was done from my home office/studio with two pugs.   It was life in the fashion slow lane. Not much interaction with people except on Skype or when I went to LA for meetings or maybe the odd Vegas trade show. Fast forward to today, I am commuting from La Jolla on weekends to work in Downtown Los Angeles aka. DTLA during the week.  I am actually coach surfing, staying with friends and family all over Los Angeles.  My commutes are crazy, LA traffic is super crazy.   I have put miles and miles on my car but I love my job!   I am getting to know new parts of Los Angeles that I have never explored before like Korea Town, Los Feliz, Silverlake, etc. I am lucky that I am relatively healthy because I am commuting to LA, wearing 4 inch heels all day and I am fine.  I wou