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Bag blogs....

For those of you in the handbag or fashion business there are two fashion blogs devoted to bags that I read daily, one is the and the other one is called the purse blog. I like the bag snob the best because the women are older and appear to be more honest and worldy in their opinions. They tend to get out more and have a history, where as the purse snob is people in their 20's who are not as well travelled and don't have a history or as many fabulous interviews with European designers. I really like the bag snob. They are honest and funny as well. Check out their blog.

Fashion First Seattle August 7, 2008

In addition to being in the fashion show line up, We are donating a bag to the raffle and also for the silent auction, all proceeds go to the Starlight Foundation. VIP seating is $150.00 and that includes valet parking, open bar, food, access to the VIP lounge and also a goody bag. Check out their website at Hope to see you there. Come out and support new designers and local small business! Ciao. Tara

International Press...

We are featured on a Chinese purse blog that gets tons of press in China ofcourse....they love their blogs even more than we do...check it out... Its in Chinese, but if you can read Chinese then I am sure it will make a great story, they talk about my background and how I cleaned teeth for five years then I decided I really just had to get into fashion and do something else besides clean teeth for a living.... I am sure its a great story...sounds funny. - if the link doesn't work cut and past this! Thanks!

Fashion First Seattle August 7, 2008

We are going to be part of the lineup featured in a Seattle Fashion show. It will be held on the evening of August 7, 2008 which is a Thursday. For more info please go to the website:

Link to our site!

our website

Our website.

To see more photos of our bags and the limited edition Dr. Phil bag feel free to check out our website at Thanks! Tara and pugs.

Now taking pre-orders for FALL delivery

We are now taking pre-orders for Fall/Winter collection. Pls email us for more details.. The limited edition bag is the Purple Dr. Phil bag in Italian leather Croc embossed with antique brass hardware. This bag was designed after a real vintage Doctors bag from the 1930's. The retail price for this item is $695.00 plus tax and shipping. This is limited edition so keep us in mind. The two interior pockets are leather. Its a very unique piece and we can send you more photos of the sample for your review if you are interested...just email us here or at Thanks! Tara Designer www. roccoedante. com email: