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Listen To Yourself. Try Something New By Yourself.

As a younger woman, a lot of people don't teach you to listen to your inner voice.  You have to listen to yourself and trust yourself first. For my life I have learned to listen to myself and to my inner voice.  A few weeks ago, a mutual acquaintance was telling me she was going from Los Angeles to Montana by herself to take some classes...and she mentioned it was the first time that she was going to go somewhere by herself, completely alone and meeting no one she knew..and she is 51 years old.   You know what I told her?  I told her it would be good for her.  I also told her I started going and doing things by myself when I was quite young.   To list a few. 1.  At age 18 I moved to Savannah GA to be a nanny and live and go to college.  I knew no one but the family I was living with. 2.  At age 21 I went to Thailand to be an exchange student.  I did not know anyone. 3.  At age 22 I went to Phuket, Thailand to work at a 5 star resort on the beach as a PR intern and I did not