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One Night In Bangkok!

After a crazy hectic trip to smoggy Tianjin/Beijing, China I was thrilled to arrive in Bangkok.   Thailand has always been my second home.   Today we went to Wat Po (Famous Reclining Buddha) and Wat Arun.   We are staying at the Sala Rattanakosin which is a small boutique hotel on the river with amazing views of Wat Arun.   Tonight we had dinner with my friend, Joe Cummings  a well known American expat in the music/author sphere who now resides full time in Bangkok.  He took us to a local Thai restaurant and the waiter asked if we were movie stars.  Funny!  Now I have to tackle my jetlag! My family in Bangkok with Wat Arun in the background Wat Po, Bangkok, Thailand Ciao for now.. XO, TS