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Get Away!!!

Its been almost 4 years since I have taken a vacation.  Yes, sometimes I get to go out of town for the weekend or a week, but its always for business.  I did not realize how burned out I was until I left town for 5 days.  I totally unplugged.  Where I went is not important, what I learned IS important.  I learned that the body and mind can get mentally and physically exhausted if we don't take time to recharge.  I was completed exhausted.  I slept for 4 days in a row until about noon each day.  Instead of beating myself up for being lazy, I allowed my body to recover from chronic stress. I have promised myself never to get that burned out again.  I hope to make time to renew every few months or so.  And no, going to Italy or Los Angeles for a trade show is not a vacation.  One thing that people NOT in my industry assume is when you travel for business its a "vacation."   Yes, when you travel for business you might get to stay in a hotel and eat in a restaurant.  But you