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Night Owl?

There has been a lot of articles online recently about whether being a night owl or a morning lark is better?   There are apparently two types of people.   I am obviously a night owl.  I went to bed at 11:30 pm, read, and the DailyMail, (a garbage newspaper out of the U.K.)  None of the above was very interesting except the article about Kim Kardashian and how she got her photo cut out of a Jewish newspaper because she is a female, so by 1:00 am I started reading a novel written by a famous chef.   It was interesting for about an hour, then I turned the lights off.  Sleep still eludes me. Sometimes I like to sketch handbags in the middle of the night but only if I am getting paid for it.   The benefit of being a night owl is that sometimes that is when I am the most creative.   The downside is that I miss out on morning meetings.  I don't take any meetings before 10:00 am.  Unless like this morning I had to take the pug in to get his maleness removed and they