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Hair as Art/Fashion? Yes!

Growing up my hair was never easy to deal with.  I have naturally frizzy hair and was made fun of all the time during grade school and well into junior high for having frizzy hair.  They called me a "White N-word" amongst other things.(kids were mean back then and always will be.)  As an adult I found a flat iron and have never looked back.   I have never thought of hair as a fashion accessory or even to make a statement, but it can be.  My friend from high school's daughter, Maddie is really into her hair and its a very fun fashion statement.  Its a way for her to express her creativity and I think its really quite charming.  The great thing about using your hair as a way to express yourself instead of a tattoo is that if you get bored or don't like it, its pretty easy to change.  I know if you get a tattoo of Donald Duck on your chest and you hate it five years later, its very expensive and painful to remove.'s to Maddie..keep being you an

Career Detour: I Was A Travel Writer! (Kind of)

When I first started traveling around the globe during college, I decided I wanted to be a travel writer.  I thought it would be cool to just travel around and write about my experiences!  So I asked a well known writer, Joe Cummings if I could assist him as a travel writer.  A few years later he contacted me from Thailand and said he needed help.  I was already living in Phuket, Thailand at that time, so I quit my job at a resort in Phuket and moved to Chiang Mai to start work as a travel writer assistant.  Basically I just went from village to village all around Thailand and Laos checking up on the things in the guide book that needed to be updated.  It was exhausting, dirty work but I enjoyed the ride.   After I was done with the gig, I knew it was not something I wanted to do for a living.  I had worn the same clothes for six months and had been in and outside of enough flea infested bedbug hotels to last me a life time..but what a ride it was! I decided to write about some of my

Love New Design Projects! Sauvage Design Lounge!

New project!  I am working on a new project which is men's heavy canvas bags with leather trim (similar to these photos).  I love to stretch my design mind and work on collections that are for a different gender and a different demographic than Rocco e Dante.   Its a very challenging process, but I love design! I enjoy choosing the hardware, leather and materials to make the bags.  I also like sketching.  If you are a brand or aspiring handbag designer that needs help with your collection, please check out our freelance design page at to learn more about Sauvage Design Lounge and what we have to offer!   Ciao!   Tara