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Two Neighbors - Peace Through The Eye of a Needle

Peace Through the Eye of a Needle I was brought on board to work on a new project for a social innovation company that was founded on building peace between Palestinians and Israelis.  It is grassroots peace building through fashion. The word interesting does not begin to describe my journey.... I just got home from a crazy whirlwind trip to Isreal and Palestine.  Almost daily I was back and forth between Israel and Palestine meeting with the team members from both sides.  From a small village made from rubble in Palestine to Tel Aviv to a Peace Building Summit in the West Bank, it was like a major history lesson in 8 days!  Stressful.  Amazing. Enlightening.  Fascinating.  I have never been to the Middle East, so learning about the roots of the fashion brand Two Neighbors was essential for me so I can help them build their brand for the USA market.  Two Neighbors is an emerging fashion social innovation brand that brings women from Palestine together with women from Israel