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India & Design.

I am now working with the highest end group of leather bag factories and tanneries in India.   There are millions of factories in India but I am currently connected with the top factories that do production for major French and European labels.    If you are looking to source leather goods in India, let me know.    I am headed to India in a few months to visit the factories in Chennai.  It should be an interesting journey and I can't wait to see the cows in the street.   Ciao, Tara Sauvage Designer

5 Important Things To Consider Before You Start a Fashion Brand

5   Important Things to Consider Before You Start A Fashion Brand By Tara Sauvage 1.    Do you have a budget?   Before you start any type of business large or small you have to have some type of budget.   Whether its $1,000 or $10,000 you will need to have a budget to get started.    To hire a designer is going to cost money upfront and to make prototypes its going to cost money.     Your initial budget will determine how far you can go to get started in the industry before you look to outside funding. 2.     Who is your target market?    You need to define your core target market, who are you designing for, what type of stores does your ideal customer shop at, what is her basic demographics?   I suggest writing a few paragraphs defining your ideal customer.     Discuss where she lives, shops, what is her income level, family status, age, where does she live.   Ideally you want all women from age 20 to 70 to be able to

Fall/Winter 2015/16 Trend and Mood Board.

I just created a mood board for our F/W 2015/16 collections.  I love the bright colors and strong shapes, heavy hardware and detailing.   Trend board by Sauvage Private Label LLC. Color Trend Board by Sauvage Private Label LLC 2014 Follow me on twitter @roccosauvage Follow us on pinterest @tarasauvage Check out our website at Cheers, Tara & Rocco