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Design and Production Consulting Update & Rates

I am happy to do consulting projects for start-up fashion brands. The first 30-minute call is FREE, that way we can touch base to see if the project is the right fit for Sauvage Private Label LLC. After that, the consulting enters into my normal fee schedule.  For consulting there is a 4-hour minimum and the rate is $150 an hour for in person or Skype. If I have to travel to the meeting, the first hour of travel time is not charged for, however, if the travel time is over one hour to meet you, the travel time will be charged at $100 per hour.  If the client wants me to go to their offices out of state then they will have to pay for the travel expenses. For handbag design, my rates are by the project, but for the past 10 years, I have been charging approximately $500 per original bag design including specs and sketches that are factory ready. That includes up to 3 major changes to the design, if it goes beyond that then there will be a small charge for the extra time.  I have a f

Moving Production Out of China To Cambodia

Many brands are nervous about moving their production out of China to Cambodia or other countries. I have put this list together to cover the basic differences to be aware of when moving production from China to Cambodia.  Raw Materials: Materials and hardware (raw materials) need to be purchased from mainland China and then shipped by container to Cambodia. This shipping cost is amortized over the value of the bags by the unit.   Bringing raw materials from China to Cambodia adds up to 30 days to production lead time. Production lead time is 90 days plus as instead of 60 days like China. Payment Terms: for customers are usually shorter when producing in Cambodia. It is due to long lead for material handl ing , factory ties up cash on the material  in  the warehouse and new Cap X. The factory will usually ask customers to help with cash flow by having shorter payment terms. Efficiency: It takes a longer time to set up the production line in Cambodia be