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Fall Update...Its Getting Hot.....

A few weeks ago I was in Las Vegas for MAGIC and the ENK trade shows.   The men's categories are blowing up.   5 years ago you did not see the massive amounts of men's products and accessories.  It is the fastest growing trend in the marketplace.   I have been hired by Mela Originals to design their new womens collection "Mela" and they also hired me to design a men's line which we named "Carlo".   I get to design the logo and the name, "Carlo"  - so far its like Tom Ford meets vintage California lifestyle.   Black Saffiano leather with cobalt nappa blue trim.   The bags look amazing and I enjoy designing men's leather goods more than women.   There is a lot more freedom and no one ever says no to my designs.   It is already past labor day and there has been a major heat wave her in Southern California and the sign on the I-5 freeway says, "Severe Drought-Help Save Water!" Ciao, Rocco Marco the Pu