Beautiful Purple Italian Leather Messenger Bag.

This bag is beautiful. It is one of the most beautiful leathers I have ever purchased in Italy. This particular tannery near Firenze makes the most luxurious leathers, but I do not remember the name right off the top of my head; I would have to look in my files. I just remember the leather was costly. So I could only run a few designs in this leather. If you like a rich deep purple color, you will appreciate the beauty of this design. 

When I re-launched the Rocco & Dante handbag collection last year, just one month before the Covid-19 lockdown, my sales were pretty good-just from social media alone, primarily Facebook. Covid really took a toll on any type of retail or e-commerce. I have set up the brand to be DTC or Direct To Consumer. I really don't have the energy to find wholesale clients, and all the boutiques have basically shut down. I almost feel it is the DTC model or bust. I am probably right. People just are not shopping like they used to; here in San Diego, even in La Jolla, most boutiques and chain stores have shut down. Every other shop is for rent; in some cases, an entire block is For Rent. Hopefully, that will change once people come out of hiding again. 

Back to the beautiful purple is it.  The name is "Messina," and the price listed is basically wholesale/DTC. To shop the collection, go to 

Messina Handbag

Shop local and support small businesses!. Thanks for reading. Let me know your feedback on the design. 

Messina bag

XO, Tara

Designer and Founder

Rocco & Dante Collection


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