If I Could Have Just One Friend It Would be You.

As I was scrolling through Facebook earlier this week, I came across a photo of a coffin. It was my friend Brian from the Phillippines, and photos of his mom's wake. 

His mom hosted me 3 times in my life in her house in Panabo, Davao Del Norte and she also basically saved my life. In 1994 I was visiting my penpal in Southern Phillippines. I drank some Tang she had made for me with well water. Unbeknownst to me I had required severe amoebic dysentery. My Filipino penpal took me to a witch doctor and also acupuncture. That did not help so I asked to be taken to Aunt Ame's house. After a miserable night of massive headaches and no relief and constant vomiting, she took me to a local Panabo hospital. I ended up in the hospital for a few days. I was at the point where I had lost my vision due to really bad dehydration. Luckily Ame had the thought to take me to this hospital. I ended up ok later.

Her death was a shock to me, her son told me she was hit by a vehicle while walking home last Friday night. What a sad way to go, but what really struck me was that her son posted on Facebook,
"If I could have just one friend, it would be you."

What a wonderful tribute. Ame was a person that laughed all the time. She was left a widow in her mid 30's with 3 young children. She became an entrepreneur and ran a Xerox shop in her village. When I met her she laughed a lot and was so beautiful I can say that the quote is true for me too.

I sent flowers for her wake. I wish I could do more, but the best I can do is this tribute as a blog post.

Ame, if I could have just one friend, it would be you, too. 


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