Spring 18 Collection Two Neighbors

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As part of life in the fashion slow lane, I am working with a brand that is in the fashion slow lane as well as in the social innovation lane. Two Neighbors is social innovation at its finest. We create jobs for women that live in caves in the West Bank. Our brand features Palestinian embroidery, and the final garments are sewn in Tel Aviv. Our team is very diverse and features only women.

Two Neighbors is social impact at the grassroots level. We are slowly expanding our brand to include apparel and also handbags. Our Spring 18 collection is gradually coming in now.

Here are few images from our new shift dress collection. This is the Ayala shift dress. It features handmade embroidery. To view each piece up close, please visit www.twoneighbors.com

Please spread the love and peace and shop with us! We offer a 25% offer on your first purchase when you sign up for our mailing list which pops up when you first go to our website.


Two Neighbors


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