One Bad Apple....

There is an old saying that says, One Bad Apple Spoils the Whole Bunch.  

Have you heard this quote? I am dealing with this. How do deal with a person that constantly criticizes everything you do and finds fault with every situation? Some people just are negative and very difficult to work with. They do not reason. I don't see a solution. It is like having a gallon of water and putting in 1 drop of poison. It taints the entire gallon of water.

With people, one negative Nelly can ruin the entire team's morale, over time. I have tried to reason, tried ignoring, everything but no matter how hard I try the person is still bitter and more bitter. Sometimes you have to give up, but then how do you deal with them if it continues and they are still part of the team?

That is very difficult. I wish I had more wisdom. I have always been someone who had a good sense of direction in how to deal with difficult people, but this time I am dumbfounded. Where is wisdom when you need her the most? She has gone shopping...


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