Spotlight: Paula Jones: Co-Founder of Two Neighbors

There are many memorable women that have made history. At Two Neighbors there is an amazing woman that is the co-founder behind the brand. Her name is Paula Jones. A retired school teacher, mother, and grandmother, she is the maternal cornerstone of Two Neighbors. We go to her with our challenges and she always has a listening ear and a wise word.

We sat down with Paula to learn more about her personal insights on Two Neighbors and what this journey means to her.

Q. As Co-Founder, What inspires you most about where the brand is today as compared to the first year? 
I am most inspired by the courageous people that work in Two Neighbors. I’ve had the privilege of meeting people from both sides of the conflict who are so dedicated to building peace in the Middle East. In the beginning, the brand was a few women struggling to make cup sleeves and then we took the leap to making women’s apparel.
Today we have professional fashion designers, the original group of embroiderers who have been with us through challenges, and a sales and marketing team.  We have sold our products to customers around the globe, have some great press coverage and we have a growing social media presence.
Two Neighbors isn’t just about making beautiful fashion, it’s about people at the grass roots level from both sides who want to live in peace in their world. People who are brave and will cross borders to connect with people from the other side and make a difference.  That is what inspires me.
Q. What has Two Neighbors taught you about yourself?
Two Neighbors has taught me that it’s never too late in life to start something.  I need to exercise patience – I can make a difference but it has to be in small steps.  I can survive jet lag!
Q. Where do you imagine Two Neighbors will be in 5 years as a social Innovation fashion brand?
Two Neighbors will be a leader and a model for a social impact fashion brand. It will be owned by the women in the business, empowering women and creating peace at the same time.
Q. What is your favorite dress from the collection?
My favorite dress is the Amira long dress.  I absolutely love the silver changing embroidery thread!
Thank you, Paula, for the inspiration you have been to the Two Neighbors team over the years and as we look to the future!

Ciao, Tara


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