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Minimalism vs. Maximalism

Authentic Bag Lady

Someone told me today that it was bad social media etiquette to post more than once a day. I have never heard of that. But then I don't really listen to what anyone says about anything in the fashion industry unless you are Dolce and Gabanna or someone like that. I do it my way and that is usually fine. In fashion, there are no rules. And the rules they have are meant to be broken.

If you don't evolve every few months in the fashion industry, you get left behind. It's probably the most backstabbing industry to be in beside Hollywood, but I don't care about that. Get out your knives, honey. I do my own thing. I just keep going. I can design anything so that is why I am still here. No one can take your talent from you. They can't. Another designer can come along and do what you do, but no one can take your talent.

I believe in authenticity and as a fashion industry guru, I think it's the best to be authentic and spontaneous. There is nothing more boring to me than predictability. You have to keep your audience guessing and on their toes.
Which brings me to exploring minimalism. It is a big trend on blogs right now. On TV they have the tiny house movement. My dad and I like to share blog posts about the tiny houses. We share floor plans.  This is our favorite blog about tiny houses.
They are super cute but I would not want to share one with a teenager or any kids. I like my space.

Most critics say that minimalism is a white upper middle-class utopia. Not true. For me, it's just not having a lot of junk around my house that I don't need or use. Yeah, I am considered middle class, maybe even upper middle class, but I hate Walmart and I hate shopping at big-box stores. You would not see me caught dead in a line outside of a store on Black Friday. I do so much trend shopping for my job when I am not working I hate malls.

I get anxiety when there is a bunch of useless objects around my house or office. Less is more. I only have about 1,000 handbags in my garage. I keep a sample of everything I design and also collect vintage handbags. Do you want a handbag for your birthday?




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