Bull Shit Meter. Do you have one?

I woke up a bit late this morning and noticed my voice mail was full. The first voice mail was from my husband. He said something like he got a call from the IRS this morning and he did not want to be arrested in 24 hours.

I was like, What? Then my bullshit meter went off. First of all, I am in the middle of an IRS audit for 2015. I have been to their office and I have all the paperwork. Second of all, no one gets arrested for owing a few thousand dollars in back taxes. 25% of Americans would be in jail. Everyone knows debtors prison does not exist.

To make a long story short, I called him back and said it was a scam. He was still worried so I did a quick google search on IRS scams and sent him the links.

I lived alone in Thailand and have traveled all over South East Asia by myself for months and months at a time. I have a bullshit meter that is like 10 miles long or even 5,000 miles. Maybe some people are born with a bullshit meter and some aren't.

Your bullshit meter is your friend. Every time I go to Vons in Pacific Beach, some seedy guy comes up to me in his truck and offers to fix the dent in my bumper. I told him no I prefer having a dent in the back of my SUV so I can identify my car in the parking lot. That is the truth.

A lot of it is common sense. If its sounds fishy then it is a fish. Do you have any recommendations on how to spot a fake?


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