Take Every Chance You Get in Life, Because Some Things Only Happen Once

I found this quote online the other day. I borrowed it because I thought it was so good. It is true that some things only happen once. I feel that as I am getting older I am not having as much fun because I am tied down to a mortgage and have a kid to raise. It was much different 20 years ago when I would buy a plane ticket and fly to Europe or Asia for a month or so.

I don't like to sit in front of the TV like most Americans do in the evening. I still like to travel but I can't go as much because of the school schedule and work. What do you do to make your life more interesting? I guess I could try stand up paddle boarding but that is just a one time event.

I had two Chinese exchange students living here this summer. They were only here for six week so each week they would either go to the zoo, try surfing, go shopping, etc. They did not waste a moment of time, they squeezed as many events as they could into their short summer trip here.

I remember feeling that way when I was an exchange student in Asia. I flew to Fiji, travelled on a train from Thailand, through Malaysia and then to Singapore and back. I flew to the Philippines for two weeks and then to New Zealand. I rode a bus all over Australia with my best friend at the time. Those days were full days and crazy. I came back to my former boring college life with shell shock because I had packed so much into such a short time, but it was an adventure!

As we mature it is important not to lose your sense of adventure. What are you doing to keep that adventure in your life?

For now I am working for a social innovation brand based out of the Middle East. www.twoneighbors.com  In May 2017 I went to Palestine and Israel for the first time.  That may be my only adventure for 2017. We will see.  I am exploring this idea of minimalism - but that is another blog post.

Share your ideas for adventure with me!




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