Social Innovation

I woke up early this morning to jump on a conference call with the team in Palestine, Israel, and the USA. We talked about the meetings they had recently with the villagers in Palestine and how the production and everything was coming along.

Each meeting is started with a check in to see how everyone on the team is feeling and how they are doing both personally and professionally.  It was very odd at the beginning to do this check in thing and I have had to remind myself that the company was founded by a Psychologist.  The founders care just as much about how we feel as the bottom line.

Working for a social innovation brand is much different than working for a regular fashion brand. A normal day in the corporate fashion world is all about sales and chasing trends and dealing with China factories. Working with is like an entirely new universe to me. As an employee in the fashion industry no one ever asked me how I was feeling or what my family was doing, they just wanted me to work late and fly all over the world and sell whatever it was we were selling. No one gave a rats ass about my feelings, until now.

That is the difference when you are working for a company that has a focus on a higher good, in this case, Peace. We do have our challenges like any other brand, but it is an entirely different feeling working for a company that really cares about their people and not just the numbers.

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