Summer Is Here! Slow Down Out There!

Summer is here! It means that the pool is open! yay!  Today I got into a minor traffic collision. A lady was in a hurry to visit her son so she rear ended my SUV at a stoplight in Pacific Beach. The hood of her car went right into my back bumper and bicycle rack.  She has a very crumpled hood and has to pay for my new bicycle rack and bumper.  We will see how that goes.  My day did not start out great. ):  On to better news....

The good news is I launched the new website for the social innovation fashion Two Neighbors!  The brand is a fashion brand that involves women from Palestine and Israel to work together to create unique one of a kind garments that use traditional Palestinian embroidery.  As the Sales and Marketing Director, I am focused on bringing this brand to USA customers. It is super exciting!

Check out  Please support us
please shop with us now or in the future. (:  We currently have a great summer dress sale going on!

I learned today is that everyone needs to slow down a little.  To be honest, none of us are getting out of here alive so why rush?  (think about it, really!)

I know we all have places to go and personal deadlines, but let's not crush each other in the process. Please slow down out there. Stop and enjoy nature. Take a deep breath.  We all have families and careers.  A few extra minutes will not make that big of a difference.  Please watch where you are going and if you are in a rush remind yourself that it is just another day and breath a little.

Be mindful. Live a little. No rush.  Peace.


Tara and
Be a good neighbor! Slow down and be mindful!

Model with a Two Neighbors lightweight jacket in the purple haze.


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