PopART Fashion Accessories

In the past year, we have seen fashion go from minimalist to crazy busy.  

What was popular in 2015 was a plain tote handbag with zero hardware.  Today all the fashion magazines are showing handbags and accessories with crazy patterns that do not match and embellishments everywhere.  It is the opposite of the minimalism of 2015.   What is going on?

I decided to jump on the bandwagon by designing a fun pop art collection of girlish accessories for my vegan-friendly customers that demand fashion bags and accessories that are fun and affordable. Check out my sneak peek here! From emoji coin purses to fun handbags we have got you covered! Love the lips and eyes!



Love Emoji's?  We can design those too! Just send us what you want and we can design it for you!  

Want to see more?  Email us today to find out how to order or make your own designs:  To order contact us at roccodante@gmail.com

Material: PU leather
MOQ: 300 pcs per style/color
Made in China
Don't see what you like? We can design your collection for you!  



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