La Jolla: Bloody Mary's and The Beach

Bloody Mary's and The Beach 

I have been living in La Jolla for 2.7 years. It has been an interesting journey.  When I first moved here I was worried that I would not fit in such an affluent and small town.   I have had some ups and downs but overall it has been divine!

Some of the not so great things;  In the past few months I have had a PTA mom tell me that she was sorry I had to work in Los Angeles and that I could not be there for my child and basically that I should just drop my kid off at her mansion because she had a private nanny and tutor.  How could I not trust her?  After all, she was rich and probably beautiful? The thing is that I am also amazing, rich (in my own way) and awesome and I don't take crap from people like her.  I just blocked her number.  (:  It is an easy way to get rid of La Jolla PTA moms that are sure God put them on the earth just to bake the perfect cookies and tell the working moms they feel sorry for them.

Then last fall here in La Jolla, a lady told me she was going to call 911 because I was parking and dropping my 5th grade kid off in front of her private snobby school.  Loved that!  I told her to call 911 I would be back soon!  Awesome.

I have made friends with a few millionaire ladies and what I found out from these friendships is that their husbands have a lot of girlfriends and they get diamond necklaces in the mail (that the ex-girlfriend mailed back)!  Wow! I am glad I live a boring life.  So far I don't think my husband has any girlfriends because I spent all his extra money AND he could not afford any of those diamonds anyway.

La Jolla is actually full of wonderful, educated and very interesting retired people who are amazing. I have really enjoyed getting to know some of them on a first name basis.  I think most of the retired people here have led interesting lives and they are fun to get to chat with once in a while.  We went out with a single 30 something girlfriend recently and all the older guys at the bar kept talking about their yachts!  Super funny.

Now I realize I don't fit in to the demographic here.  That is fine.  I will never fit in. Sometimes that is better in life, not to fit in.  You can enjoy the view and not worry about what people think.  That is my life.   I enjoy the amazing weather and I live two blocks from the beach.  We also live one block from The Cottage in La Jolla which is known for their amazing Sunday brunch and Bloody Mary's.  (:  Luckily I love to eat out and so does my family.  We have tried every restaurant in La Jolla.  We can also bring our pugs to some of these great dining places.  I love it!

I may only be here for another year or so-or I could be here for the rest of my life..I don't know but it has been a great ride!  If you want to know about a place to get a great Bloody Mary on a Sunday or what beach is best for hanging out, drop me a line!


Tara S.

Brunch in La Jolla at The Cottage


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