Have a Fabulous Idea For A Bag & Want to Make a Prototype?

Do you have a bag idea and want to create a sample?  There is much more to it then that-read on to learn more! 

When you hire a freelance designer to design your collection and to take it to a manufacturer, a good designer needs to get in your head.  We need to learn about the brand, the target audience, the price point and the DNA of the brand.

Your Brand Considerations 

-Target Audience demographics
- Price points
- Competition in the market
- Brand DNA
- Distribution Channels
- Name and logo design

  For example if you are designing a collection of travel bags for mature professional women that can be sold at Nordstrom then your colors, materials and factory will be different than someone who is designing a kids handbag collection with matching charms that will be sold at Kids R Us.  The materials, factory and themes are completely different.  The trims and metal fittings on the bag designs will be completely different.

DESIGN Considerations

- Function and Practicality-shape and design features
- Materials and Fabrication - body materials, lining, trims, metal fittings
- Season
- Costs
- Manufacturing
- logo

These are just a few things we need to know to design a great collection that will sell to your target audience.  As a designer we need to understand your goals for the brand and who we are designing for.   In order to understand this, I need time for trend research and design research for your brand.  I need to figure out how to best design your collection AFTER I have gathered all that information.

The best way to gather that information is by filling out the questionnaire that we have for all new start up brands.  Then we can set up a two hour call where we review your project.   This falls under consulting and is $150 per hour for a 2 hour minimum.  After that I can do some research for your brand to help you come up with the best products for your brand and target audience.

We have a 4 piece minimum for a collection.  When you present your designs to buyers you want to present a collection.  As a general rule, buyers at major stores do not buy "one-off" designs, they review collections.

If you have a new brand and are looking to hire an experienced designer and brand builder feel free to contact us at roccodante@gmail.com


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