Living In A Bubble

I have lived in La Jolla for about three years.  After Phuket, Thailand it is the most beautiful place I have ever lived in.  However, it is so not reality. Each week or so I got to Los Angeles or other places for my job.  When I am in Seattle or Los Angeles I feel normal.

Yesterday I was walking home from the gym, this guy was on his cell phone, "And I want to sue so and so for this..and call this company and threaten to sue them."  (he was a wealthy older guy on his phone with his retained attorney-clearly.)  I was like, Whatever, get a hobby instead of going around threatening to sue everyone.

When I come back to La Jolla, I deal with people complaining because the type of shampoo the dog groomer used on "Fido" is the wrong scent.  One each corner there is a sandwich sign for doggie massage, Facelifts, liposuction, kybella, fat dissolving, IVF, lip implants and programs for your spoiled children.  The children call my dark skinned daughter the N-word at the local after school program.  The wealthy young girls in 5th grade are pretending to give blow jobs at the lunch table.  I complain to the other parents but they deny that their child could ever do that it in this life. This is the only town I will never fit into.  I am the only mom who does not drive a 200K car and my daughter does not have a nanny or an Iphone.  I feel like I am living on Mars.  Clearly this is not my planet.

I can't do it anymore. I may look like I fit in on the outside, but I don't fit in.  Even if I become a wealthy person in the future I will never complain about the type of things I endure daily.  I will never threaten to call the police on a mom for parking in a loading zone on the first day of school, I promise.

There are plenty of lovely people that live here, but its not my people.  When I call the vet to see how much it will cost to put my dog down and they quote me $400 - I am like Really? What planet am I on?  That is the monthly income for the average family living in the Philippines with two or three kids.  You want to me to pay that to inject my dog with severe dementia?  Whatever.  I called around and got it done for $200 which I still thought was totally outrageous but I did not want to drive 40 miles east to get it done for $75.00.   I made friends with an older lady here.  She was quoted $200 a week to have her dog injected for some type of infection.  I looked at the dog.  Your dog has a yeast infection, use this $10 shampoo. She called me, it cleared up.  Great.  Everyone around here preys on the rich elderly people.  It is disgusting to me.

Last winter I opened an office in Pacific Beach for $350 a month for a shared 150 foot space.  The other guy moved out later and then the owner told me my rent would increase to $600.00 and that he could rent it out for $1100 per month for 150 square feet. (right-the average price is $2 square foot)  I was like, WTF - I opened my office here so I would not be in La Jolla.  I guess he saw my mailing address somewhere and jacked up my rent.   I moved out last week.   I am not going to pay $4 per square feet with 5 homeless people at the base of my stairs.  It was not exactly CLASS A space.

My last rant is the middle age rich guys who own the  Ferrari and step on it at 10 pm as they drive by my bedroom window.  Yes, we get that you are wealthy and you drive a really amazing vehicle, but I am a busy working mom and I really don't give a SH-- if you can go from 1 mile to 100 mph in 3 seconds.  Really?  Move to Beverly Hills.  No one here gives a crap..ok maybe they do.

Fun Stuff:  The funny thing is when Kim Kardashian shows up every month to visit her grandma who lives here they close down half of the streets and I can't even find parking to go to my hair salon. Ok that is another story.  Talk about drama here! fun!

I have also hung out with some of my gal pals here in La Jolla that are single or divorced and ready to mingle.  It it super fun to be a wing woman.  The guys invite us on their yachts and talk about yachts. It is very weird.  When I was single in my late 20's I don't remember men inviting me on their yachts.  It must be a La Jolla thing.  There are a lot of rich divorced women in their 30's and 40's here.  They are on and have photos of their 4th and 5th grade daughters on their pages.  I am not sure that is normal, but is normal for here.  I don't need a yacht.  I am OK with a 42 year old man that does not have a yacht.  In June we rode our bicycles for 550 miles together for AIDSLifecycle and slept in a tent each night in parks.  It was cool to hang out.  I would rather have a BFF that can do stuff with me instead of man my dads age that has a yacht.  However, if you want to invite me on your yacht, I will show up as my girlfriends galpal "date"  ha ha.

It is a cute quaint lovely coastal village.  However, it is mostly retired wealthy people or young people with a trust fund.  Don't live here if you make under 200K per year, have a hyper pre-teen kid and a puppy.  If you are from a pig farm in Washington State you will never fit in.  Trust me.  I have tried.  I am the kind of mom that removes the doorknob because my pre-teen slams her bedroom door.  She also does her our laundry and helps clean my house.  I will not fit in.  It is not happening and I still have my own lips.  ha ha.  And you know it is really time to move on when your husbands boss shows up at the same hair salon as you in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon. (awkward)  I thought Moses Lake was small, but clearly I have outgrown La Jolla.

I am planning to move soon.  Stay tuned for my next adventure.  La Jolla it has been lovely and has been great content for my lame blog..but its not a perfect match.  I had more fun in Thailand.

La Jolla has the best sunsets! 


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