Pendolare Convertible Bike Bags Photo Shoot!


I designed and created a convertible bicycle bag line I have been working on for a while.  My day job designing fashion handbags for other brands and life has often gotten in the way, but I keep moving forward. We have four great new styles that were captured recently in an urban photo shoot in San Diego.

The brand Pendolore, which translates to "Commuter" in Italian is made from leather and high quality nylon canvas.   The brand was designed with urban male commuters in mind.  The gear was meant to be worn from the bike to the board room or classroom.   We have added a few styles that appeal to females as well.

The bicycle I bought from Sole' bicycle in Venice Beach, CA and the model hails from Del Mar, CA. Photos by the Justin Bartels of San Diego.   The photo shoot took about an hour and it was a really quick on the fly type shoot.

Check out some of the images here and let me know what you think.  Email all comments to

Gear design by Tara Sauvage
Brand owned by Tara Sauvage
All Rights Reserved


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