Rodeo Drive

I had to go to Rodeo Drive to check out some fashion brands and their accessories.  To name a few Tom Ford, Gucci, Prada, Miu Miu, etc.

Flash back 15 years I used to work on Rodeo Drive at the Guess Store.   The usual Rodeo Drive shoppers were East Coast and Midwest tourists, overseas tourists, rich housewives and kids on summer break and the odd celebrity or two.

Today I stepped into the Guess store just for old times sake.  A Southern Woman that looked just like the New Jersey tanning mom was screaming at the sales clerks.  Her skin was orange and her boobs and lips were giant.   Her flaming red hair matched her temper.   It was too funny.  People think because they are shopping on Rodeo Drive they can be total assholes.  #OMG  Anyway I got a good photo.  I will write more later.


Rocco in Rodeo


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