Letters from the Philippines - Where Do I Get The Time?

Six months ago I was fixated on the project.  I flew to Southern Davao in the Philippines to retrieve my childhood pen pal letters and meet up with her again.   I was going to write a short story about our friendship that we had over the past 25 years.   Here I am months later and I have not started the project.  I have not even finished my taxes for 2014.

I have a lot of great ideas but not all of them happen.  I often wonder if there would even be any interest in our story?

She got Diabetes a few months ago and I thought my friend was going to die on me. She did not go to the hospital because of lack of funds or education.  I helped out with that and I think she is on the road to recovery or at least stability.

Is our friendship something to write about?  Would readers even want to read about that type of thing?  I have to decide if readers would really find the stories interesting.

That I still have to decide.  I know that everyone has a story, but would they want to read mine?
But then I think, I won't ever know unless I tell it.   I am not sure that I am a great story teller.  I don't know how to write like any of the great novelists.    I have to decide soon.  My life is not unlimited.


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