Failure. #KeepGoing

As a fashion designer that works with a lot of different brands I have met a lot of people in the industry.   Many people are afraid to try something new for fear of failure or fear of losing your job.   I have lost jobs and brands so I have gotten over that fear.  There is always another job or chance down the road.  Always. 

You are not a failure if you tried and it did not work out.  I think you are a failure if you let fear hold you back and you never try anything.   

Some people are so afraid of failure that they don't even try.  I am not one of those people.  I have tried and failed at a couple of fashion start up brands.   The first one was really hard for me to take.
However it took me less than one year and I was already planning my next brand.   I did have to take a year off though, just to recover from the utter feeling of devastation after closing my first handbag brand I had worked so hard at for 5 years!

I like the challenge of building things.  Having passion for your work is also one of the driving forces behind entrepreneurs.   Right now I have a few projects on the back burning on the proverbial stove as I wait for certain things to fall into place.  I don't have unlimited funding so I have to work for everything I get.   Everything just takes a little longer because of that but it gives the project time to get refined.   My own personal motto is:  #keepgoiong #nevergiveup

Contemplating the future.  #keepgoing


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