Millennial Traits & Fashion Branding/Marketing

Millennials, also referred to as Generation Y are the largest generation in the USA and will out pace baby boomers in spending $200 Billion by 2017.   As a fashion brand how do you cater and target this group?  You must first know who they are and what is important to them. 

What is a Millennial?
  •      80 million in the USA
  •      Born between 1980-2000 (approximate)
  •      Largest generation in the USA

     What are some of their Traits?        

They Love Technology:  They adopt technology quickly and expect it to work.  They grew up with technology and digital devices on a daily basis and most of them sleep with their phone!

Overall the millennial don’t watch too much TV and they like to text.  They all have cell phones and almost half of them do not own a land line phone.

They use a mobile device to research for shopping and check reviews.  Product reviews are important.  They use their mobile devices for everything from researching product features to donating to charity using their phones.  

They are very Social and love Groupthink:   Millennials are a very social generation in person and online.

They tend to do things in groups and seek opinions of others.  They enjoy giving feedback and reviews on products and services online.

They share their daily lives such as what they eat, drink and purchase online and this includes and affects brands. (Instagram, YouTube, etc.)

In marketing they want to interact and have a say about brands and products.  New brands must incorporate social media platforms to reach this consumer.  

They Crave Adventure:  Millennials like adventure and enjoy shopping and consumer experiences that are fun and interactive.  They care more about experiences then spending a lot of money on one item.  For example, they would rather take a trip to South America instead of buying a new sofa for their living room.

They like to travel abroad and try new things, such as exotic foods and cultures even if it’s just the new Thai restaurant across town.  Brands should be innovative in their online and in store shopping experiences.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Millennials care about values and corporate social responsibility more than previous generations.  They care more about political and ethical issues.  Companies can incorporate this into their marketing and business models.  Brands that give back to their communities are popular with Millennials.   For example, Tom's Shoes One for One program has been a giant success!  

New brands should include in their business plan ways to give back to their communities whether it is supporting the local Pug Rescue Foundation or donating to clean up trash on the back is valuable to these young savvy customers! 

Pug Rescue Foundation

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