Tara Sauvage Professional Bio

Tara Sauvage
Sauvage Private Label
Design & Consulting
Tel:  310-994-9624

Tara Sauvage has over 15 years in the fashion and consumer goods industry.
After a decade of designing handbags, belts and fashion accessories for corporate companies in Los Angeles and Seattle, Tara decided to launch her own private label design and consulting business, Sauvage Private Label LLC.

Tara handles everything from the first sketch through the final production for handbags, belts and fashion accessories. Sauvage Private Label also offers startup business consulting for consumer goods and fashion brands that are just starting out. Tara works with a team of factories, graphic designers and raw material vendors to help her clients bring their ideas into a viable to consumer good.  She works with factories and suppliers worldwide including India, Korea, China, Italy and the United States. 

Tara also offers consulting on logo design, branding, sales, import/export, and negotiation with factories, pricing, and marketing and social media.

Tara has a bachelor’s degree in International Business from Washington State University with a focus on Asia.  She spent two years living and working in South East Asia after graduation.  She spent one year as a travel writer for Lonely Planet and covered Thailand and Laos.  She also spent one year working in the Sales department of a resort in Phuket, Thailand.  She is currently working on her MBA in International Business at the University of San Diego in San Diego, CA. 

Tara started in the fashion industry as a footwear designer for a Chinese company in East Los Angeles and moved on from there to design leather bags and belts.  In 2007, Tara went to Milan, Italy and took an intensive Italian handbag design course at the internationally known ARS Arpel Sutoria School to sharpen her technical skills in luxury goods. Tara has travelled extensively in Asia and Italy while working in the fashion industry.  She has successfully launched two start-up brands of her own in the past five years and secured VC for one of the brands. 

For more information please contact her at taras@sandiego.edu


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