Cosmetic Surgery or Travel?

Last week I had a happy hour with a friend in Los Angeles.  We were talking about travel and I mentioned that I was planning to go to visit some friends in The Philippines in late November.  Her response to me was, "Why would you waste your money on travel when you should be saving for a facelift when you are older?"  Really?  I was a bit shocked.  First of all, I am not ready for a facelift, and if I was you I would tell you and the world.  What are they going to lift?  I have aged but I am not exactly a candidate for a general facelift.  A little botox maybe but a facelift?  Not.  I think experiencing life is more important than cosmetic procedures.  I want to travel while I am able-bodied and not wait when I am elderly.   

I have traveled a lot already in my life.  In my twenties I lived and worked in Australia, Thailand an traveled around Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Hong Kong, China, The Phillippines, New Zealand, Figi, Germany and Sweden.   It was fun and some of the best times of my life.   In my 30's I was more settled down but I still tried to make travel and adventure a part of my life.   I went to Belize, Puerto Rico, Mexico a few times, Italy several times, Hong Kong, China, and Thailand.

I think its important to look your best,  in the meantime enjoy your life. I have not saved that much for retirement much less for major cosmetic surgery.  

I am not going to save up for a facelift, I am going to travel and enjoy my life.  I love design, fashion, travel, and living to the fullest.   My grandmother is 103 in December this year.  She has never had a facelift but she has a few hundred family members that love and adore her to this day.   Looks fade and life goes on.   For those of you that feel like you are giving good advice to younger women - looks are important, but its more important to be healthy and enjoy your life.   If you need to lose weight, go ahead, if you want to travel, travel.  If you want to save your money for a facelift, then save your money.   Don't tell other people how to live their life.   Maybe having a D cup and large lips is not my priority.  I would rather travel.  A D cup isn't going to do anything for my life at this point. I am past the stripper age and I can't run 3 miles a day with big ass tits.  Not sure what goal I would full fill with a D cup?  (ask me about the facelift in 20 years.)

To each his own.  In the meantime, travel and enjoy life.  Everyone has their own opinion and remember I was not born and raised in Hollywood so maybe I have different goals in life.  Also, people in Los Angeles and the wealthier parts of San Diego like La Jolla have to realize that the rest of the world is not as obsessed with plastic surgery as Southern California.  Here it is considered normal to have plastic surgery, but not all Americans feel the need to go under the knife.


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