My Other Love ....Thai food!

I have many loves in my life.  I love fashion and travel.  I also love Thai food.  It is my hobby to go to Thai restaurants in new cities and in my own area.   I currently live most of the time in San Diego and have visited several Thai restaurants.  (Seattle has better Thai food).   I also go to Thailand once in a while.  My most recent visit was in March this year.  I am not much of a cook and have not really tried to cook Thai food.   That is where "Golf" comes in.  I met Golf many years ago when she was an exchange student at Washington State University where I attended.   Golf was an international student from Krabi, Thailand.  She was really into going to the gym and cooking.  Fast forward a few decades later and she is still into going to the gym and cooking.

I met up with her in Bangkok this year and follow her face book posts of Amazing Thai food.  Here is a few of my favorites.   More to come soon and maybe some recipes.  (I am working on that!)



Thai Coconut Sticky rice with Dried Ship as a topping.  

Spicy Thai Prawn Salad

Mixed Seafood with Basil


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