Painting. Who me? No Rules.

I have never taken a real painting class.  I don't know anything about paints or how to paint.  The other day I had some time to browse a local La Jolla book store.  They had a small section of paints and brushes.  I picked up some cheap brushes and paints.   Here is my first creation.  It looks kind of like something a 3rd grader would paint, but also there is a touch of magic to it.  One of my friends said they would buy it at a flea market.  That does not help my creative ego, but the nice thing about painting with no agenda is that there is no rules.

A face with a box around it? Cool.  Add some grass.  That's is fine.  Does it mean anything? Not necessarily.  Was it fun and relaxing?  Yes.  Then, perfect, that is the whole point.

What is your inspiration?  NO RULES.  

My first painting in 10 years.  No rules.  


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