Does Your Brand Need Help with PR? Introducing the Colin T. McDonald Agency-New York's finest!

Does your brand need help with PR and you don't know where to turn? Do you get tons of random emails from PR agencies claiming to get your brand on the latest B list celebrity?   We have been there, done that.  (Really? You want me to pay $20,000 - or was it $50,000?  to gift my handbags to D list reality TV celebrities-lets not go there! ugh. insert sarcasm here)  There are hundreds of celebrity toting Public Relations firms out there all claiming to be the best and get your product on the hottest celebrities and in the top magazines, but hiring a PR agency is much more than that. 

Not all PR agencies are created equal as we have found first hand.  As part of our ever expanding network of fashion insiders, we often like to blog about the ones that stand out the most and we believe that a direct, honest approach is the best way to go! We would like to introduce you to insider PR guru Colin T. McDonald. 

When one interacts with Colin T. McDonald, successful publicist and consultant, they are first struck by his outgoing personality, followed by an in-depth knowledge of the fashion industry, along with a keen and discerning eye.

Colin began his career by working in public relations, working at some of New York’s top PR firms. It was there that Colin arranged meetings for top-tier clients like Vogue and GQ Magazines– a first for many of these firms. He also gained knowledge in marketing, working for fashion designers like Ralph Lauren for several years, and on national marketing campaigns under the Club Monaco label. Colin utilized his talents, as he interacted and worked with celebrity clients including: Renee Zellweger, Bruce Willis, Amanda Seyfried, Minnie Driver, and DJ Skye. These experiences also provided exposure to various editors from renowned fashion publications, where he introduced them to new collections for fashion editorial features.

Colin landed the opportunity of a lifetime, which allowed him to work with and mentored by, nationally recognized style expert, Mary Alice Stephenson. During this assignment, a new world opened up to Colin and provided him with memorable experiences including; working on the set of The Oprah Winfrey Show, and an exclusive White House photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar magazine featuring First Lady Michelle Obama. It also led to him to work with some of the world’s most luxurious and prestigious brands, mainstream and fashion media outlets, retailers, and emerging designer names - all of whom sought his advice and style expertise.

In late 2012, Colin expanded his efforts to entrepreneurship by creating a consulting firm - The Colin T. McDonald Agency.

For more information and to find out how Colin can help take your brand to the next level that it deserves,  check out his website here:


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