Sauvage Private Label Design Services

Private Label and Fashion Business Consulting

Sauvage Private Label Design and Consulting specializes in the fashion and consumer goods industry.  Below is a list of some of the services that we offer.  

Initial Creative Consultation:

Before we get started, we need to learn a little more about you and your business! We have prepared a thorough creative brief questionnaire that asks poignant questions like “What differentiates you from your competitors?” & “What appeals to your target market?”
We will discuss your company history, goals, and marketing strategies in detail. Let’s figure out what’s working and what needs improving. Let’s find the right private label manufacturer to make your handbag, fashion accessories or consumer goods product successful! 
Our initial phone call consultation is free to see if our services are the right fit for your product line.  
Quote & Agreement:

You will get a detailed quote, within a few of days after the consultation, which includes pricing and the general terms of the project. A signed agreement and deposit is required for project work to begin.  We can work by the hour or on a flat fee basis depending on the scope of your project! 

Research, Development & Design:

Research generally includes visiting stores, sketching or working with your designer, buying samples, researching online, reviewing materials depending on the product line or collection you are making etc. We do lots of brainstorming and consider the history of your company, your current market positioning, industry trends, and your future goals. Depending on your project, development and design could mean anything from sourcing the right manufacturers overseas to doing complete fashion collections; brainstorming ideas and figuring out who your real competitors are.  We work with amazing designers and graphic artists to help bring your concept to life.
What is your budget? Who is your target audience? What stores are you wanting to sell in or is it online?  These are just some of the questions we will ask!  Sauvage Private Label can help with the entire process – even if you don’t have a clue what you need!
Product Photography:

You will need stunning, clean and captivating images to allow your product to shine visually. We work with amazing product photographers in Southern CA and in NYC. ( just as an example.  I have some of the best product photographers in the fashion industry at my fingertips.  These images can be used in trade show materials, marketing materials, on your website, in social media marketing… wherever you need them.  We can also arrange lifestyle photo shoots with fashion models or in the right setting for your products.  My photographers are also product stagers and they work with some of the best in the industry.  To get an idea and view some of Jan Klier's fashion 

shoots click here:  Link to fashion lifestyle shots:

Product Still Shots of Men's Belts by Jan Klier.  NYC photographer.  

E-Commerce and Social Media:  
We can help you build a website and online store.  We work with some of the best website builders in the consumer goods industry.  We can also assist you with social media such as twitter, face book, instagram, pinterest, etc or at least teach you how to do it.  We can help you as much as you need us to.
If your product is made here in the United States or abroad we can help you with the samples and production process.  If your product is in the fashion industry or consumer goods we work with a wide array of great suppliers and factories around the world.  

Design by Tara Sauvage
Leather:  USA
Hardware: Italy
Production:  New York City

Designed and Made in USA

Designed and made in USA
Product Launch, Support & Sales/Marketing:

At this point we help you with any further support you need. We can help you develop branding and marketing strategies to launch your product and keep your brand growing.  We can help you decide what trades show to go to, and how to contact buyers and get in the right stores.  We can assist with the entire process from first sketch to final production and sales.  Whether your target is Wal-Mart of Neiman Marcus we can help you with the process!   

To get started, please contact  Tara at

Office:  206-295-5863


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