Return To Thailand.

Thai baby & Pug.  Perfect.

SEVEN years ago I went to Thailand to adopt my daughter from an orphanage in Bangkok.   In less than two weeks from today we fly back to Bangkok to show our daughter the country of her birth.   I am excited to show her the different parts of Thailand that I have loved over the years.   I love Thailand and now that I am better off than your average backpacker, on this trip I have booked "better" hotels.

(When I used to travel to Asia I stayed in $20 a night cheap hotels)  However,  I really want to show my daughter what its like to live in the average village of Thailand.

We currently live in La Jolla, CA which has some of the highest costs of living in the United States and the highest home prices nation wide.  We can't afford to buy the houses here that average about two million dollars so we rent a nice apartment.   My daughter is not spoiled, but by default she has every creature comfort of your average American kid.  She does not know what it is like to use a squat toilet or have no electricity, etc.  We do go out to eat at restaurants 4 or is it 8 times per month?  We do shop at better department stores and she does have private swimming lessons.   On the other hand, she has chores and we are not country club members and I do not spend a lot of money on consumer goods.   I believe less is more and rarely buy expensive toys, furniture or consumer goods.   My daughter is provided for but she is not "spoiled" in the typical American fashion.  I believe children become better adults when they appreciate what they have and have a good work ethic.   My biggest challenge is finding enough chores for her to do because we live in an apartment!

I have made arrangements with my Thai family friends who reside in a remote village in north east Thailand to have Mia spend the night at their house while we are in the village.  They live in an older Thai style home which is built on up stilts, they have one light bulb and have the standard Thai style country outhouse.  (a squat toilet situation a several yards from the main house in an outbuilding.)   Perfection defined.  Our family friends have 3 daughters, 12, 11 and 18 months.  They have a local small village restaurant and own one cow and one motorcycle.  Their income is about $300-$400 per month for a family of 5.    I am excited for my daughter to learn about her culture and country in an authentic way.   Yes, as Americans will sleep in a 4 or 5 start hotel a few nights, but we will also check out the more remote parts of Thailand and take public trains and buses to get around.   I am a firm believer than its important to know where you came from so you can appreciate what you have and were you are going.

The Grand Palace, Bangkok

The other day my daughter came home from 3rd grade and announced that all the kids had ipads and iPhone and how come I did not buy her an iPhone or even an I-pod?  I told her when she got her first job as a teenager she could buy all the electronics she wanted and her own phone, but in the meantime she could use my Ipad and I would call her friends parents or the school if I needed to.  Recently her 3rd grade class mate (a boy) started calling my cell 3 to 5 times per week to call my daughter.  My reaction? I called his mother and told her that I had one cell phone number for my business and to please ask her 9 yr old son not to call my work cell phone number and that if he wanted to talk to Mia he could talk to her on the playground.   The mother was mortified and I got a big apology!  Little kids don't need Iphones!  Too many wealthy parents are crazy and treat their kids like they are entitled mini adults.  In Thailand I will show Mia how other Thai kids live and how they don't all have iphones and gadgets.  

I am excited to go back to Thailand and share with my family my favorite country and culture.  I love the food and the people.  


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