Expand Your Mind. Travel. Learn. Read. Repeat.

In one of my graduate courses we have a case study on Chad.  Its a little complicated and beyond the scope of my blog so I wont get into detail here.   I have never been to Africa but as part of the studies I have to learn a lot about Chad and Africa.   Its so easy as a middle class American living in a very affluent area to forget about how most of the people in the world live.  I have travelled to many third world countries where people don't have electricity and get their water out of wells in the ground, some of which include Laos, The Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, etc.   Its easy to forget in your dad to day life about how it really is to survive for most people on the planet.   That is where the quote comes from "first world problems."  Take for example, my iPhone. Its my second iPhone in 4 years.  Lately it erased all of my contacts and phone numbers...annoying, yes.  Life-altering...not really.   Is this a first world problem? Totally!...

I believe its never too late to keep learning.  I love the challenge of learning.  Not everyone can afford traditional courses but there are a few free online courses now taught by Ivy league professors.   I signed up for one of their entrepreneur classes.    The website is called www.coursera.org and the classes are totally FREE.   You don't get traditional credits for the classes, but if your goal is just to learn something new and not get a degree than its a wonderful platform.

I just started taking one class so I will have more feedback on how the class went in a later blog post.  I am excited to learn more about the world.  I never want to be one of those people who lives in a first world bubble where I all care about it what is on the next episode of the RHOC (Real Housewives of Orange County-yes I admit I watch Bravo)  and one of the ways in which I avoid that is to continue to learn and expand my mind.

I have had a few naysayers make comments when they learned I investing in my Global MBA, but for me its awesome and something I have always wanted to do.   Its also a great example for my daughter, I want her to believe that she can achieve anything she sets her mind to no matter her age, ethnic background, race or gender.  Maybe someday we will go to Africa together...India sounds nice also. (:

Expand your mind.  Travel. Learn. Read. Repeat.

Map of Chad, Africa.   


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