Tom Ford-Shoe Designer?

As someone who worked in the footwear industry for over 5 years, I have always admired good design.  I have met a lot of amazing designers that work in the industry.  Trends are great, but some of them are in my opinion, just good for the runway or Rihanna.  

I think these boot-shoes-strappy-things look hot on the runway. Rihanna or maybe a high class strip join in Vegas. (not that I know anything about those places).

At $3,690.00 these black leather strappy Buckled Sandal Boots can be yours today.  What a bargain!  That was the descriptive title on the Bergdorf Goodman website.  Tom Ford Spring 2013.   For about $4,000 with tax I can think of better pieces of fashion I would want to own, but to each his own.

What do you think?  Strappy Buckled Sandal Boots, anyone?  They don't look very comfortable to me.


Tara Sauvage


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