Rocco Sauvage - Still In The Fashion Game...

I like to build brands.  It could be my brand it could be someone else's brand, but the bottom line is that I love to create.   It may not be successful and it maybe a bit never know until you try and find out.  Failure is part of being an entrepreneur or even an employee.   You will make mistakes if you have your own company and you will make mistakes on the job working for someone else.   I have found that having my own brand is more stressful then working for someone else.  You have further to fall when you do fall.  Just get up again. I don't fear failure because I have already failed a million times, but I am still here in the fashion game.  Fashion is either in your DNA or its not.  You either love it or hate it.  I still like to go through my leather swatches and magazines.   I will probably be 80 and have some type of business related to fashion, I just don't see it changing because its so much a part of who I am.  For me fashion is not that glamorous, I just like to create and build products.  I also like to sell things I create.  Here's to another shot.   

Rocco Sauvage is inspired by the authentic and enduring character of the American spirit.   The collection combines vintage inspired hardware and hand finished leathers that reflect the diverse personalities of today’s generation. 

     - Tara Sauvage


Unknown said…
Such leather belts are quite durable.
Textiles & Leather Products
roccodante said…
Yes these belts should last for 20 yrs! or more.

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