Great Product Shots for Rocco Sauvage

I sent my new samples for Rocco Sauvage to New York City to be photographed this month.  I have had a great luck with Jan Klier Photography which is now based of NYC.  I first met Jan in Seattle in 2010 at a Seattle FGI (Fashion Group International) meeting.   I hired him the following year to photograph my next collections of Rocco e Dante handbags and the photos were great.

In 2012 Jan Klier moved to NYC and we kept in touch via social media.  When it was time to find a photographer for my Rocco Sauvage he was my obvious choice.    I have always said if you find a great vendor its best to take them with you wherever you go.   I am not going to switch vendors if I find someone I can trust and will work with me and has reasonable rates.

I have worked with two other  good photographers but for various reason I was not thrilled with working with them.  One of them was a drama queen and would freak out if I asked for changes and the other one was a great guy but did not have the vision for fashion photography.    I like working with Jan because he is practical and he has the artistic flair that is important for fashion.   He does not let his ego get in the way and he offers useful solutions to help me find my "look" with each project.

Check out more of his work here:

Here is some images from our recent photo shoot:


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