For someone in the fashion industry I have surprisingly little in terms of clothes and shoes.   I rarely shop for myself, but when I do, I buy what I want when I see it, and don't care if it is on sale or not.  I don't have time to hang out in the malls and so if I get the chance to go and I see something I like, I just buy it.   With that said, most of my clothes I wear and wear until they are rags and the same goes with footwear.  My philosophy is "quality over quantity".

For Fall 2013 if you are thinking about buying a pair of boots, may I recommend the best boots on the planet?   I bought this brand this past winter and I have never worn a pair of boots as much.  They are amazing and make me feel like a badASS when I wear them.  (and very few things ever make me feel that way)

The brand is called "FreeBird" by Steven.   The boots will set you back on average $300 but its totally worth it.   I have a similar pair to the ones featured here, but they are not as tall.   I wear them all the time, and they make me feel awesome!  The boots have a worn in feel to them when you buy them and the quality is amazing..similar to Frye.  The boots are made in Mexico like Frye, probably at the same factory but I don't know that for sure.   I got mine at Nordstrom at the downtown Seattle flagship store.   I suggest you go to try them on first, or you can buy online at or

So if you want to feel like a badASS go with FreeBird...


(p.s. Rocco is just a pug that sleeps all day IRL)
BadASS boots by FreeBird


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