I Miss Italy!

In the past five years I have been to Italy several times to go to the Linea Pelle show, meet with factories,  check out tanneries and hardware suppliers.   I  also lived in Milan for six weeks to take a course on leather handbag pattern making!  That was an amazing journey..(that sounds like something that a contestant from "The Bachelor" reality TV show would say).  When I was living in Milan I went to Lake Como several times and travelled all around Italy.  It was an adventure and I made some really great friends along the way.

Vintage Scooter in Milan

The next leather show in Bologna is this fall and I have no plans to go.  Since I closed my leather handbag line Rocco e Dante late last year  I don't have any production needs that require me to go to the leather trade show this fall.  Very disappointing!  I used to love to go to just to eat the amazing Italian food and to run into old friends in the fashion industry.

P.S. But I am considering going to the MIPEL show in September...stay tuned.

Maybe next year?

Ciao for now!

X Rocco



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