DeClutter Your Life!

They say it takes 3 weeks to get a new habit formed.  I am going to start by cleaning out my closets and  samples.  I have over 500 bags in my life, some old, some junk.   Its time to give everything to Goodwill that I don't want.   Then I will have more room for new stuff and more space to work and relax.

I have a lot of other habits I am trying to work on right now, such as running 4X a week (because I can) and eating less.  I realize the older I get the less calories I need or its just going to end up in my spare tire around my middle, which by the way is already big enough!


I also need to get rid of leather swatches from 2008 and all the old handbag patterns I will never revisit again.  #doIreallyneedthis

We need so much less than we think to get by on a regular basis.   I mean do I really need 8 winter coats new that I live in Southern California?  I think not.

More later..I am not in the mood for blogging lately...

Help! My office is a mess!


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