Around The World Shopping!

My friends have taken shopping around the world to a whole new level.  These fabulous career women shop on their vacations, purchase amazing pieces at wholesale and then put it on their website for all of us to enjoy.  Two BFF's Allison and Lori put their love of travel and jewelry into a new website devoted to bringing high end jewelry to the rest of us!

Love unique pieces of jewelry from around the world, but don't have the time or the plane ticket to find them?  Instead,  head to and shop online!  From Thailand to Belize, they have you covered... one of a kind treasures from around the world!

Let me know if you see anything amazing..or check out my favorite things here....

My favorite items from their latest collection are these raw rock and gold pieces from India! Divine!
Happy Shopping!



(Ps. Actually Rocco is a pug that sleeps all day, but the ladies love him! (:)

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