A European Summer

I just read an article on the Business of Fashion www.businessoffashion.com  that was about how Paris is closed for the month of August.  Everyone in the city goes on a 4 week vacation in August.  Shops close, major corporate offices shut down and people are just not home.  Sounds nice!

In America I think the average worker feels guilty if we take a 10 day vacation out of state.  WTH is wrong with us?  How come we are not like the Europeans?  I remember when I got married about 10 years ago, my boss was very angry when I took the day off AFTER my wedding!  One day!  I was exhausted, had a million people in town, and just needed a "rest" day after all I had just had a big wedding the day before.   Then when I wanted to take a honeymoon to Thailand, I had to ask permission six months in advance and postpone it for five months. Then they tried to make me fee bad about it.  Wow!  I left that company a few years later because I was exhausted after being on the road for 12 days for back to back trade shows between Las Vegas and NYC and I was not allowed a day off for rest. Really? Even I as a junior person knew that that was unfair.  I was a hard worker and always had been for then, but not one day off?

I have found I am more productive if I take a few days off.   I can't move to Europe and work there because I am not an EU citizen but I can admire their vacation policy.  I have also heard that the French have a 35 hour work day.   (not 50-60 hours like most Americans)

For those of you who want to take a vacation around the world check out my friends travel website, he specializes in around the world travel.  www.justfares.com  I have used their travel agency since the 1990's when I would spent about half of the year in Asia.  Check them out and tell them Tara Sauvage referred you.

We need to value our down time more.  They say on your death bed you are not going to wish you spent more time at the office.  Isn't that the truth?

Ciao!  Enjoy the rest of your summer...(or what is left of it!)




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