You Can Do It!

I run because I can.  Not because I love it or because it makes you lose weight.  Eight years ago I was in the hospital on and off for one month due to an acute ruptured appendix/peritonitis (infection of your entire gut- some people die from it).

Following the hospitalizations,  I suffered from moderate to severe knee pain for 2 years.  I was not able to run or even walk a mall without pain.  (I had suffered from a rare side effect of flouroquinilone antibiotics-severe tendinitis)  So now, I am thankful that I can run pain free.  I am slow and steady.

Today I ran 2.2 miles, yesterday I put in 2.5 miles.   Its nothing major, but its awesome..considering I used to run 5 miles a day and then for several years I could not run at all.

Recently I went to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and bought some new Nike running shoes.  They are the ugliest things I have ever seen, but they were the only colors left in my size in that particular type of running shoe so they became mine.

Run because you can, even if you have ugly shoes.


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