Where Do I Stay in New York City?

Hotel Chandler, New York City, New York

I have been to New York City at least 25 times in the past decade.  I usually stay at least a week for fashion week.   I have stayed over 10 times at the same hotel.  Why the same hotel?   When you find the hotel you like, there is no reason to change.  The hotel I started staying at in 2001 is Hotel Chandler.  I think it had a different name back then, but it has the same feel today as it did over a decade ago.

It is a small boutique style hotel.  It is where I stayed a few weeks after 9/11 happened.  I was young and just starting out in the fashion industry.    As a single female traveling alone in a big new city it was a perfect match for me.   I had tried the tourist trap hotels around Times Square.  (actually by boss at the time put me up there.)  I did not feel safe and the rooms were disgusting, you know cigarette butt burns in the bedspreads and nasty stains on the carpet.   It is important to feel comfortable and safe in your surroundings.  Big, corporate hotels in tourist trap areas are not always clean or friendly...you are always looking over your shoulder. 

At Hotel Chandler each floor only has about 5 rooms so there is no shoulder to look over.   It feels like I am going home when I stay there.   The rooms are small, but not too small and luxurious.  The beds are great with white down comforters and the bathrooms are NYC style with subway tiles and high end fixtures.  The design is modern and contemporary, but far from cookie cutter.   I feel like I am staying at my rich aunts house, not a hotel.  There is a few dining options in the hotel, but mostly I stay there because it is small, safe, and the staff knows my name.   In NYC its easy to feel like a number because there are millions of people, when a hotel takes the time to get to know their guests, that is fantastic and makes you feel almost instantly at ease.  

Hotel Chandler
12 East 31st Street
New York, NY  10016
tel:  212-889-6363

The hotel had a big makeover in 2011 so its been updated.  Below are a few images of their lobby and rooms.  Room rates start at about $279 on up...

So if you are looking for your home away from home in NYC check them out. 

Just blocks from the Empire State Building, the Theater District and Midtown Manhattan’s many corporate headquarters, Hotel Chandler allows for easy travel by foot, cab, car or train.


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