Made In USA vs. Made Overseas?

There is a lot of blogs and articles in the fashion industry talking about Made in USA.  We all know that if you buy Made in USA you have to pay more for the clothing, shoes and handbags.   A lot of people that shop at discount stores like WalMart and Target complain when they go into a boutique and a pair of jeans are $250, but if you look at the label they are often Made in the USA.

As a shopper I totally support Made in USA.  Last week I bought a pair of Rag & Bone jeans at Nordstrom.  The price tag was high, about $245.00 plus tax for a pair of jeans.  But I  love them! 

There is a new website devoted to Made In USA factories.  Here is the link:   

This sit is a great resource for USA based designers and startups.   They are adding new suppliers monthly so check back often! 

The average American consumer is still very price conscious so I am not sure how fast Made in USA will take off.  The average American woman is used to buying clothes at Kohl's and Sears, not Nordstrom or fine boutiques.   I don't know if Made in USA will catch on with most Americans anytime soon...but I will continue to shop Made in USA.  I would rather have one pair of amazing jeans than 5 pairs of Walmart jeans.




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